Sensory Play While Mommy Cooks

Sensory Play While Mommy Cooks

No water table? No problem! We filled up our kitchen sink with some water and soap, threw in some kitchen utensils and WA-LA….sensory play while mommy cooks!

I really needed to get dinner done early because I knew by the time it was time to eat this little man would be whining and throwing tantrums because he’d be hungry. When little man is hungry it’s like world war 3 in the house. In order to avoid that I improvised and opted for some sensory play in our kitchen sink!

I did give myself a ton more to clean up afterwards but at the moment it was the right thing to do. Manny Jr was singing, pouring water from one cup into the next. He was also exploring with different cup sizes trying to figure out the amount of water each would hold. Now listen to this ….he even drained all the water and soap out so he can rinse each utensil he used to make sure they were clean! WIN!

So yes,there was water all over the floor by the kitchen sink and the countertop BUT I got dinner started AND he helped clean the mess he made (well at least he tried … A for effort😉).

Next time you need to cook and need your toddler distracted while you at least start… try this! You may have to clean a puddle of water later but it’ll be worth it!

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