Halloween Crafts from the Dollar Store

Halloween Crafts from the Dollar Store

So my toddler is beyond scared of anything Halloween related and that makes me so sad because like come on!!!! It’s Halloween !! 😩😅 Trying to get him over the scare has been a little bit of a hard time but I’d like to think we’ve come a long way. All October we’ve been doing some Halloween related crafts to get him more accustomed to the idea of Halloween.

** When we do arts and crafts I make my own crafts while he imitates what I do OR like most times, he does it his way. I like to encourage his imagination so I let his crafts be his. I’ll only help if he asks or I see that he really needs it. ( For example, if the whole tub of glue spills…. you know damn right mommy is stepping in!)

Sometimes we sit at his table and create our masterpieces but most time he really wanted to sit on the floor… so we did. I mean really, what are rules !? To try and makes the least bit of mess I place cardboard from diaper boxes on the floor and let him work on top of it.

This is his latest work of art. A pumpkin mask made out of a plastic plate! We used two pieces of pipe cleaners, one plate, scraps of black foam paper and glue. As you can see he did all the gluing and placing of the pieces himself! He was entertained with this mask for about 30 minutes afterwards pretending he was a scary pumpkin… Halloween spirit? I’ll take it !

This pumpkin and bat were made out of foam paper as well! They were precut into the shapes already so all he had to do was place the eyes, nose and mouth. He refused to give the bat a nose and mouth but it’s ok! He was so amazed that his bat could “fly” once we glued them onto the popsicle stick. He went around the house flying his bat into everything and everywhere.

Halloween inspired crafts have been our thing all of October! The best part is that all these craft material were from the DOLLAR STORE !! Dollar tree had it all, and we could not say no to $1 craft materials!

Try out these crafts with your little ones and tell me how they went! Please share any and every creative crafts that you think we should try before Halloween is here!

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