Penelope Rose Galan.. Birth Story

Unlike my son’s birth, Penelope’s was something we were ready for in the sense that we knew what date it would be and what to expect.

**No pregnancy is the same and this little baby girl sure did prove the truth in that.**

With both pregnancies I had no morning sickness, no nausea, and no pregnancy aches…. until Penelope started growing. This little girl had me swollen, gaining double what I did in my first pregnancy and overly exhausted! I was SO ready to give birth!

With Penny, I was going to have a repeat csection because of my first baby’s birth weight (almost 10lbs!!) and the complications that came with it. Doctors predicted her to be about the same size if not a half pound bigger. My original due date was June 27th, but they were going to deliver Penny a week earlier on the 20th.

To start off June was a VERY busy month for us! First Saturday of June was my baby shower( I know, so last minute but we wanted good weather!) Second Saturday was my birthday and the third Saturday…… Penny decided to make her entrance into the world. Yes…. this little girl had plans of her own and decided to come before any doctor made her. So out popped Penelope on June 16th,2018.

So, going back to Friday June 15th, we took our son Manny Jr to watch the Incredibles 2 movie- his first movie theatre experience and the last time we would have an outing as a family of 3. Again, all day I was fine, active and NO signs of labor, just the usual sluggish feeling ….until it was night time. I started feeling contractions at about 8:30 pm or so but I just thought they were Braxton Hicks and my body getting ready as my due date was approaching. I paid no mind to them, they were VERY light contractions that felt like light period cramps. I texted my boyfriend, “I’m having contractions” …. his response…” Penny better wait until the 20th I have two open houses tomorrow (meaning Saturday)”.I proceeded to put my son to sleep and lay down myself. My boyfriend got home and my cramps started getting a bit more intense. I don’t know why I thought it would just disappear if I fell asleep so I tried to sleep. At around 1:30 am I said ok I have to call my doctor because these contractions are 2-3 minutes apart and I’m suppose to have a csection! I called and was at the hospital within the next 15 minutes after leaving our son with my mom. I was hooked onto the machines, an IV and being monitored to see if maybe the IV fluids helped my contractions ease up- they told me it could be because I needed to hydrate more. Well, my contractions just got worse… I was dilated 4 cm and these contractions were coming 1-2 minutes apart- nothing I couldn’t handle right ? ๐Ÿ˜ฉ At all my appointments the prediction was that this baby girl would be at least 9.5 lbs at birth so I opted for the repeat csection. Even at my appointment for a growth scan I was told she was already almost 8lbs at 36 weeks! Since the baby and I were in good condition my doctor had to deliver another baby before going into surgery with me… so I had to wait another 30 minutes- no pain meds but extreme EXTREME pain! I even took this selfie pictured below ๐Ÿ˜‚

My doctor FINALLY came in the room, and asked me if I was sure about the repeat csection. Uh yeah Doc,my first baby was almost 10lbs. and I had complications! At last my doctor told them to walk me to the operating room and prep me for surgery … my little girl was coming. The anesthesiologist gave me my spinal and what a relief, pain free. They laid be on the operating table and up went the drapes….the doctors and nurses getting ready and the pediatrician who was going to examine Penny at birth all entered the room. I was ready! Yep I felt it all again, the pulling the tugging and more pulling and tugging and then I heard the cry that made my boyfriend and I bawl yet again. Our sweet Penny Rose was born! They took her over to clean her up and weigh her…. my baby girl was only 7.12lbs ( average weight for a newborn) but to us she felt like the tiniest little baby. I mean hello, I did give birth to an almost 10 lbs baby the first time! Once I was told her birth weight my immediate reaction was You mean the doctors were wrong about her birth weight estimate and I could’ve pushed this little girl out! A little upset to say the least, but my little girl was finally here. I wasn’t able to kiss or hold my Penny girl until after they wheeled me into recovery.

I fell in love with a new little human and my life got that much better. It was immediately filled with infinite love times 2. I had my baby boy at home and my baby girl was now here to join us. I felt complete.

Not only was Penelope born that Saturday but Manny Jr also came to meet her. When I say I can’t even explain the feeling of them meeting I really can’t. My heart was going to explode, my eyes were full of tears and I could not stop smiling. Honestly, he was terrified and confused. Manny Jr didn’t understand what was going on. See, we spoke about this ever since I told him I had a baby in my belly but I don’t think he fully understood. He was scared to come near me and even scared of his baby sister. But when he finally got over his little fear, after tons of baby talk from mommy, he kissed his baby sister and did not want to leave us at the hospital again. Then came a whole bunch of more tears I couldn’t hold back, I was so sad that my baby boy had to leave us at the hospital. I was sad that he might think I was trading him for his sister and didn’t want to sleep with him at home. I was sad that I couldn’t pick him up and it would be 6 weeks of me not being able to pick him up. But my heart has never felt so full, so happy, so in love. I had my baby boy and my baby girl-my forever loves.

Here are some pictures of the moments I talk about on the above post. My best memories. ๐Ÿ’ž

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