What you need for your newborn- A Guide to help you prepare

What you need for your newborn- A Guide to help you prepare

What do I absolutely NEED for a baby !? It’s a question most first time moms ask themselves and those around them as they anxiously prepare for their new little blessing. As a first time mom I had absolutely NO clue what I was going to need. I remember sitting on my computer one afternoon, browsing the internet and thinking, “OMG my baby needs absolutely all these things!” As I was doing my registry I was adding EVERYTHING, even things that weren’t necessary. Of course at the time I didn’t know they weren’t necessary.

After my baby shower, I was so Overwhelmed, beyond thankful but super overwhelmed with all we received. We had to load four cars full of gifts to open – these weren’t including gifts that were already delivered to us at home. As I opened gifts back at home I was thinking in my head, ok  I need this, I need that too, I have this already but this is a different version I’ll still keep it, I don’t like this I like that but I’m still keeping it, heck let me just keep it all. I kept two play pens, two baby swings , two bath tubs, two of almost everything plus a whole ton of clothes that my newborn barely wore once or was too big for even as a newborn!

For baby number 2 I just needed basics because I had saved almost everything from my first baby and let me tell you I had a WHOLE LOT of saved items stored in the attic. Since I kept EVERYTHING for the most part, even some doubles, I now get a sense of what is really needed and also what were useful for me. Here are some of the items I think are necessities for newborns.

**I am no expert mom- these are just stuff that have been life savers for me and have worked for me.Keep in mind, not every baby is the same or has the same needs/likes. My first and second baby were total opposites! 


1. Carseat and stroller


You absolutely need a car seat and stroller! Whether you get them,as a travel system or separately ( car seat and stroller), is up to you. I have linked my two of the ones I recommend.

2. Crib

Whether you are co-sleeping or having the baby sleep independently you need something the baby can sleep in. Crib, bassinet, co-sleeper. Your choice.

3. Carrier

Your choice of carrier will be dependent on which is most comfortable for you. My favorite is the Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier Omni 360. You can adjust it to three different carrying positions and it’s super comfortable. I have linked it here.

4. High Chair

The one I recommend is the Graco Table to Table 7-in-1 Covertible High Chair. The best part is that purchasing one of these can help accommodate two kids! I have linked it here.

5. Rocker/Swing/Seat

You can get both a rocker and a swing but I only found one useful. My first born did not like either (he only wanted to be held) but my second baby has loved it. There are also those that come combined now. I have linked two of my favorites below.


6. Playpen

I believe these are useful when traveling, going to someone’s house, going to the park, or just simply being in your back yard. I have linked the most efficient one below.

I think this playpen is so cool for outdoors because it even comes with a canopy to give shade from the sun!


1. Bottles 4oz and 8 oz

2. Breast pump ( you could probably get a free one from your insurance- just make a call and ask!)

3. Breast milk storage

4. Burp cloths


1. Bed sheets- 100% cotton

2. Swaddler

3. Swaddle blankets

4. Sleeper


I know we want to dress our newborns in the cutest outfits but keep them comfortable! If you absolutely must- I would recommend putting a plain white short sleeve basic onesie underneath whatever outfit you choose. It protects their sensitive newborn skin!

1. Basic short sleeve onesie (newborn, 0-3 months )

2. Basic long sleeves onesie

3. Footed pajamas

4. Comfortable basic pants

5. Socks

6. Mittens

7. Hats


1. Monitor

2. Healthcare and Groomimg Care Set

3. Rectal Thermometer

4. NeilMed Nasal Aspirator 

I swear by this. Pediatrician and ENT recommended it!

5. Play-mats


1. Bath tub

This would be your preference of type. We chose a simple one that would give us use until our babies grew a bit more.

2. Towels

Get your baby at the very least 4! Sometimes they have accidents as you’re taking them out the bath and they’ll poop or pee on them! You NEED back up !

3. Wash cloth

4. Baby soap/shampoo

5. Baby lotion


1. Diaper Bag

The style you choose depends on your likes. We opted for the book bag. I ordered one off amazon for under $30 which I absolutely LOVE! It helps me keep things organized in the bag with all that I carry as a mom of two on outings! I will make a separate post with things I carry in my diaper bag. I have linked it here.

2. Diapers/Wipes

We have ALWAYS used Pampers. I highly recommend it. However it will be dependent on your baby and how their skin reacts to the diaper.

3. Diaper Cream

* Purchase any age appropriate hand held toys. For car rides, bright colors attract babies as they explore their surroundings. You really don’t need much toys for newborns but it is always fun to have a few at hand for them to start exploring and learning!

I hope this is helpful for some new moms and even some second time mommies! Please feel free to share any other likes of yours in the comments for other mommies.


PS- This post was inspired by my cousin Becky who is currently expecting my first niece! As we were doing her registry I said to myself, “hm maybe I should make a blog post about this!”

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