What you need for your newborn- A Guide to help you prepare

What you need for your newborn- A Guide to help you prepare

What do I absolutely NEED for a baby !? It’s a question most first time moms ask themselves and those around them as they anxiously prepare for their new little blessing. As a first time mom I had absolutely NO clue what I was going to need. I remember sitting on my computer one afternoon, browsing the internet and thinking, “OMG my baby needs absolutely all these things!” As I was doing my registry I was adding EVERYTHING, even things that weren’t necessary. Of course at the time I didn’t know they weren’t necessary.

After my baby shower, I was so Overwhelmed, beyond thankful but super overwhelmed with all we received. We had to load four cars full of gifts to open – these weren’t including gifts that were already delivered to us at home. As I opened gifts back at home I was thinking in my head, ok  I need this, I need that too, I have this already but this is a different version I’ll still keep it, I don’t like this I like that but I’m still keeping it, heck let me just keep it all. I kept two play pens, two baby swings , two bath tubs, two of almost everything plus a whole ton of clothes that my newborn barely wore once or was too big for even as a newborn!

For baby number 2 I just needed basics because I had saved almost everything from my first baby and let me tell you I had a WHOLE LOT of saved items stored in the attic. Since I kept EVERYTHING for the most part, even some doubles, I now get a sense of what is really needed and also what were useful for me. Here are some of the items I think are necessities for newborns.

**I am no expert mom- these are just stuff that have been life savers for me and have worked for me.Keep in mind, not every baby is the same or has the same needs/likes. My first and second baby were total opposites! 


1. Carseat and stroller


You absolutely need a car seat and stroller! Whether you get them,as a travel system or separately ( car seat and stroller), is up to you. I have linked my two of the ones I recommend.

2. Crib

Whether you are co-sleeping or having the baby sleep independently you need something the baby can sleep in. Crib, bassinet, co-sleeper. Your choice.

3. Carrier

Your choice of carrier will be dependent on which is most comfortable for you. My favorite is the Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier Omni 360. You can adjust it to three different carrying positions and it’s super comfortable. I have linked it here.

4. High Chair

The one I recommend is the Graco Table to Table 7-in-1 Covertible High Chair. The best part is that purchasing one of these can help accommodate two kids! I have linked it here.

5. Rocker/Swing/Seat

You can get both a rocker and a swing but I only found one useful. My first born did not like either (he only wanted to be held) but my second baby has loved it. There are also those that come combined now. I have linked two of my favorites below.


6. Playpen

I believe these are useful when traveling, going to someone’s house, going to the park, or just simply being in your back yard. I have linked the most efficient one below.

I think this playpen is so cool for outdoors because it even comes with a canopy to give shade from the sun!


1. Bottles 4oz and 8 oz

2. Breast pump ( you could probably get a free one from your insurance- just make a call and ask!)

3. Breast milk storage

4. Burp cloths


1. Bed sheets- 100% cotton

2. Swaddler

3. Swaddle blankets

4. Sleeper


I know we want to dress our newborns in the cutest outfits but keep them comfortable! If you absolutely must- I would recommend putting a plain white short sleeve basic onesie underneath whatever outfit you choose. It protects their sensitive newborn skin!

1. Basic short sleeve onesie (newborn, 0-3 months )

2. Basic long sleeves onesie

3. Footed pajamas

4. Comfortable basic pants

5. Socks

6. Mittens

7. Hats


1. Monitor

2. Healthcare and Groomimg Care Set

3. Rectal Thermometer

4. NeilMed Nasal Aspirator 

I swear by this. Pediatrician and ENT recommended it!

5. Play-mats


1. Bath tub

This would be your preference of type. We chose a simple one that would give us use until our babies grew a bit more.

2. Towels

Get your baby at the very least 4! Sometimes they have accidents as you’re taking them out the bath and they’ll poop or pee on them! You NEED back up !

3. Wash cloth

4. Baby soap/shampoo

5. Baby lotion


1. Diaper Bag

The style you choose depends on your likes. We opted for the book bag. I ordered one off amazon for under $30 which I absolutely LOVE! It helps me keep things organized in the bag with all that I carry as a mom of two on outings! I will make a separate post with things I carry in my diaper bag. I have linked it here.

2. Diapers/Wipes

We have ALWAYS used Pampers. I highly recommend it. However it will be dependent on your baby and how their skin reacts to the diaper.

3. Diaper Cream

* Purchase any age appropriate hand held toys. For car rides, bright colors attract babies as they explore their surroundings. You really don’t need much toys for newborns but it is always fun to have a few at hand for them to start exploring and learning!

I hope this is helpful for some new moms and even some second time mommies! Please feel free to share any other likes of yours in the comments for other mommies.


PS- This post was inspired by my cousin Becky who is currently expecting my first niece! As we were doing her registry I said to myself, “hm maybe I should make a blog post about this!”

My Birth Story with Manny Jr.

My Birth Story with Manny Jr.

How could I ever forget? The pain, the exhaustion, the anxiety, the sweating, the pressure, the counting and pushing. I remember ALL of it.

For starters, my son was born on his due date, January 18th 2016. I remember two nights before I was feeling super huge, uncomfortable, barely being able to breathe and just flat out being tired of being pregnant. I wanted my baby and I wanted him fast!

On Friday January 15th the Doctor checked me. Everything was fine, with absolutely NO signs of labor he said, “We’ll wait about another week”. With my due date being the 18th I FREAKED OUT! Another week of being pregnant – omg I can’t! I had no labor symptoms…. none what so ever. Fast forward to Sunday the 17th. My whole family was over and we were singing karaoke. I was feeling tired, but something in me triggered me to do my hair and get pretty. I felt tightness in my belly all afternoon but I thought it was from laughing so much…….turns out that too is considered contractions. It wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable.

Right before my little cousin left my house, he took a look at my belly and said “Yeah you’re popping in two hours”. He was right!

It was a little past midnight, I was laying in bed, my boyfriend playing his video game when all of a sudden…..POP! MY WATER BROKE! I gasped when I heard and felt the pop, my boyfriend scared said ” what was that?” I got up from the bed and that’s when water literally gushed down my pants and legs! Oh My God… my boy was coming! Surprisingly I was very calm, but my boyfriend was freaking out! As soon as my water broke my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. I thought, well my contractions are so close together this is gonna be fast. We grabbed my hospital bag and headed over to the hospital.

At the hospital I was admitted and hooked up to an IV and to all the other machines that monitor the baby during labor. They checked how much I was dilated…… only 2 cm😩 I was super against getting an epidural and wanted an all natural birth. It was what I planned for, what I so badly wanted. I lasted 9 hours without one until I was 5cm dilated. I was walking around through every contraction. I was exhausted already, I NEEDED relief. I was walking around , I was in the hot shower, I was bouncing on a yoga ball, I was really trying! The hot shower alleviated my pain for some time. I was suppose to go into the shower naked but I told my nurse and boyfriend ” Fuck it” and walked right in….. socks ,hospital gown and all. 😂 My freshly straightened hair was also ruined and I just didn’t care. Anything to help ease what felt like period cramps at pain level 1,000. As much pain as I was enduring I was surprisingly calm. I wasn’t screaming, I wasn’t yelling at the nurses…. yes I couldn’t stand my boyfriend but I was still calm.

At that point the pain was so real I said to the nurse, “Give me the epidural NOW!” They called in the anesthesiologist… as soon as he put the epidural in I felt NO PAIN! I was disappointed in myself for giving in. I felt like a failure- it wasn’t in my birthing plan. BUT I was able to rest and I needed it. Three hours later, at 12pm, the epidural couldn’t stop the pain anymore so the nurse checked to see how dilated I was and said “it’s time!” Thoughts in my head; OMG my son is gonna be here soon, freaking the fuck out!

The longest three hours of physical pain in my life happened next. I pushed with every contraction! I was calm, not screaming, just really calm. Breathing and pushing, breathing and pushing. I started to get a fever and I was SO TIRED. My heart and the baby’s was starting to become distressed so I was given an oxygen mask. The doctors were able to see my baby’s head with each push but he wouldn’t pass the birth canal. On the last minute of the third hour trying push my boy out I had three options; push for another hour, use the vacuum or c-section. I just wanted my baby fast so I said c-section. At this point I could no longer push with every contraction so I had to fight the urge to push. They had to prep me for the surgery and the anesthesiologist took what seemed FOREVER! ….2 minutes to be exact.

Having a C-section for me was never in the plans. I never wanted one. I felt like it was the easy way out. But I chose it because it was the right choice for my health and for my baby’s. And let me tell you all, it is far from the easy way out… but that’s another post!

My surgery went like this:

I was placed on the operating table, and the drape to cover my lower body was placed up right away. The anesthesiologist stood to the right of me, my boyfriend to the left and a nurse behind my head. I was freaking out. The anesthesiologist probed my stomach and legs with his hand to make sure I was numb…I was so it was time. I heard the Doctor and the nurses going over the surgery. First they gave my information and then they gave a detailed synopsis with all medical terms on how the surgery was going to be done. The doctor started cutting, I felt pulling and tugging and more pulling and pressure. As he was pulling my son out the doctor said, ” Woah baby. If I knew he was this big I never would have made you push those three hours” and then boom…. my baby boy started crying. Along with his cry, I was bawling and so was my boyfriend. In all our 5 years of being together it was the first time I EVER saw or heard him cry. My boyfriend gave me a kiss then walked over to the baby to cut his umbilical cord and watch as they weighed and cleaned our little Manny Jr off. A whopping 9 lbs 9oz and 21 1/2 inches long born at 3:43pm.

Our tears didn’t stop.

I saw my son and touched his sweet little face for a few seconds before he was taken to the NICU. I developed a fever during labor and they needed to take precaution. As they were closing me up it felt like my heart was going to explode. The pressure of them putting everything back in my stomach… more pulling…more tugging… all of it was giving me the MOST intense heartburn of my life. It was so intense i cried some more and felt like I was going to die. I was in the recovery room post surgery so I wasn’t able to hold my son until two hours after I gave birth….so of course my tears kept coming down. My boyfriend however was with him for those two hours, as were my parents and his parents.

I wanted to see and hold my son SO BAD. As soon as my two hours of recovery were up and my fever was gone, the amazing nurses wheeled my bed into the NICU and let me have my moment. I will NEVER forget the moment I first held him. MY SON, HE IS MINE. Instant tears down my face. I was numb to all the post c-section pain, I didn’t care who was in the room, it was just me and him and I fell in love. A feeling I never felt before. I was blessed, I was chosen to be his mommy and I was so happy, nervous, excited and scared. Overwhelmed with love, I couldn’t stop starring and he starred back. That moment is imbedded in my head and heart forever AND I’m so happy that my boyfriend caught it on camera too. 💞

Mommies to be, please always be prepared for whatever may happen. Each of us picture how the day we give birth will go, we read stories like mine and freak out. Don’t. Just know that you have been chosen to carry your baby, you will get through labor which ever way you chose and medically can. Like myself many moms don’t plan for a C-section, but it can happen for a number of reasons. Don’t think it’s you taking the easy way out because it’s not at all. No matter which way it’s done, you’re the one giving birth to your baby. Everyone’s story is unique.

Good luck momma and safe labor and delivery !


Sensory Play While Mommy Cooks

Sensory Play While Mommy Cooks

No water table? No problem! We filled up our kitchen sink with some water and soap, threw in some kitchen utensils and WA-LA….sensory play while mommy cooks!

I really needed to get dinner done early because I knew by the time it was time to eat this little man would be whining and throwing tantrums because he’d be hungry. When little man is hungry it’s like world war 3 in the house. In order to avoid that I improvised and opted for some sensory play in our kitchen sink!

I did give myself a ton more to clean up afterwards but at the moment it was the right thing to do. Manny Jr was singing, pouring water from one cup into the next. He was also exploring with different cup sizes trying to figure out the amount of water each would hold. Now listen to this ….he even drained all the water and soap out so he can rinse each utensil he used to make sure they were clean! WIN!

So yes,there was water all over the floor by the kitchen sink and the countertop BUT I got dinner started AND he helped clean the mess he made (well at least he tried … A for effort😉).

Next time you need to cook and need your toddler distracted while you at least start… try this! You may have to clean a puddle of water later but it’ll be worth it!